This site has been set up in order to help bring into one place all the events that are happening in London, around Technology, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Digital Literacy and Non-Profit Tech, that might be interesting to other fellow Entrepreneurs, Geeks, Technologists, Startups, and sometimes even Social Media Folk (that includes you PR lot too!).

If there’s an event in London, that might use technology, refer to technology, or have applications of technology, then hopefully we’ll have it listed on this site, and link to all the relevant information about the event.  If it’s not mentioned, be sure to drop us an email at events [a t ] londontechstartups [dot] com

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  • Andrew T. writes:
    February 27th, 201007:52at

    Hello. I found your website in a google search. I wonder if London is a good place for a tech company. I’m going to launch one in my country but I want to relocate after in London. Do you think it would be a good decision?
    I am also a web programmer, if you need me I can help you.

    Andrew T.

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