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This website has been created, to benefit YOU the reader. If you’re here, clearly something has drawn your interest. Be it the calendar of events, that’s displayed as our main page right now, it might have been the live tweeting from our twitter account, or it could even just be the title of London Tech Startups, that’s drawn your interest in. Whatever it is, clearly something in those words has got your attention. And that’s kinda the whole point.

This site has been set up, to service the community. From having an as upto-date events calendar as we can, to tweeting from events, and about events, to being a resource for techies, startups, and entrepreneurs in London. We want to stimulate the conversation between entrepreneurs. Benjamin Ellis shared an observation at Momo London two days ago (20th April 2009), that the difference between US startup entrepreneurs and British startup entrepreneurs, is that in the US, the entrepreneurs see their identity as a CEO, or Founder first and foremost, and that of a startup second. That means that as a CEO, if you find something useful, or you have an interesting conversation with someone who you think might benefit a friend, you pass that information on – even if their your competitor, because you’re friends with the CEO. In the UK, people are more protective of their startups, and their resources, and connections, and IP, and so share less. (correct me if I’m wrong Benjamin 😉 )

Then yesterday, at TechCrunch’s Geek N Rolla, Mike Butcher ended the day of sessions, with some closing remarks that echoed the sentiment; that we as a UK tech community need to be sharing more. More of what’s working, sharing what works, what we’re doing, what tools we’re using, what we’re upto, etc..

I agree wholeheartedly. In spite of there being a recession, and the fear that money isn’t being spent as much as it was before, people are still spending money. People are still hungry for good investments. If I’m not mistaken, if anything, more people are becoming Angel Investors, since the piles of money in the bank account aren’t doing much, at a close to zero percent interest rate.

So as a community, we should be thriving, and celebrating, and really succeeding, where other industries might be dwindling and dying, and yet the experience in the London Tech Startup community, for the virgin entrepreneurs, and those joining the community as newbies, isn’t necessarily that yet. I’m not talking about lavish parties every night, with millions being poured down the drain.. I’m talking about the sub 100k capital investment that’s needed for people with brilliant ideas, who can pull a team together, but just don’t have the necessary one or two pieces of the puzzle to be able to move forward, to that next step. Those folks who are stuck, either building technically wicked stuff, but lacking the business, and marketing edge, or perhaps the business minded folk who can’t find the right techies to work with, or any combination of them all.

So we don’t claim to be the answer. Cos frankly, we don’t have a clue either. But we know that when brilliant people are being wasted, and talent is going down the drain, and our friends have to choose between working to survive and maintain the family, that there’s something seriously wrong. So we’re gonna start asking questions.. Start probing, and prompting where we can, and we invite you to join in… Start asking people what they need, what they have, what’s working, what’s not working. Start helping others out, if you can. Start finding mentors, role models. Let’s start just sharing what we can, and perhaps it might make a difference?? Well that’s the hope.

Hopefully you’ll keep us on our toes, and let us know if we’re winning the battle, or trying to go against the tide, and should just stop. Truth be told, we believe there’s enough space in the London Tech Community for everyone to succeed, for everyone to get funded, for everyone to get resourced, and for a whole lot more startups to succeed where historically they might have failed. But for that to happen, for this to work, we can only see it happening, if we all start helping each other. So start thinking of what you can give to the community, and support the community with, rather than what you can take from it, and perhaps slowly we can start filling in weaknesses in each other’s pitches, and support each other through making introductions, sharing our stories, and just helping each other out.

Would love to hear your thoughts, so if you feel inclined to comment, we’d love to read them below, otherwise, keep watching, and let us know if what we can pull together as we bootstrap this site, is of any value, or use to you. We’re just gonna share what we think might help – but for this to work, we need to know what you need to – so don’t feel shy, and just tell us to our face. We won’t bite, we promise 😉

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